A full-service, ISDN equipped, 72 track radio and recording studio, DLC studios are available for your total audio production needs.

Our complete PC suite contains SAW editing software, a telephone hybrid and ISDN line, 360 "Instant Replay", microphones and headset for 5. Our studios are capable of hosting a live radio show (host plus 4 guests) Two Internet-ready, secure work stations are connected by local network to a Canon 2600n Color Laserprinter. Workstations contain iTunes, Explorer, Firefox, Safari, with wireless & wired internet access, xcellent for assistants and/or co-producers Also equpped with Fiber-optic hi-speed internet access, HDTV, 500 channels, unlimited phone (separate "project" line.) A second firewall is provided for exceptional security.

Our Mac OS X10.4.3 driven ProTools bay contains its own 16-track mixer with capacity to convert any analog format to digital—cassette, vinyl, DAT tape and even magnetic reel-to-reel audio tape. The Mac bay is a totally Mac friendly, up to date workspace.

Email us info@dannylemos.com with your project requirements and we'll provide a free quote.