Danny Lemos Creative is a full-service internet, satellite and terrestrial internet content provider. Our primary service is the production of audio and video programs for radio and the internet: Long and short form features, podcasts, audio and video production for sales and presentations, commercials, audiobooks—audio production of any length.

Danny Lemos Creative specializes in creating campaigns for non-traditional revenue streams for its clients. One of our specialties is repackaging existing content as promotional material.

Danny Lemos Creative is online at www.dannylemos.com.


Danny Lemos Creative is led by radio and TV veteran Danny Lemos. Lemos has been producing content for audio and visual media since 1978. Danny Lemos Creative is a collective of premium radio and television artists creating content for new media.

After leaving corporate commercial radio in 2004 and heralding a new wave of personal expression in media, Lemos became one of the “Original 100” podcasters on the internet. He formed Lemoskin Productions in 2005 with friend and longtime collaborator Paul Liebeskind.

Lemoskin Productions produced dozens of small projects for clients including New Line Cinema, CBS Radio, and National Public Radio. The company syndicated “Talkin’ Jazz with Scott Willis,” a daily jazz music feature for public radio. "Talkin' Jazz" provided each of it's 28 affiliate stations with free content for their local underwriting efforts. It was unique among revenue generating programs in 2006. It was a non-traditional revenue arrangement between content-provider and station which has since evolved into "the free model" in syndicated radio.

In 2008, as Danny Lemos Creative, Lemos created a one hour interview and music show, "Sittin' In Hosted By Helen Borgers" in support of public radio at a time when free programming was falling victim to major cost cuts.

In 2009 DLCreative began providing short form video content for web advertisers.

In 2010, with 160 episodes and counting, "Sittin' In" follows in the footsteps of"Talkin' Jazz" which aired 235 epiodes.

To contact Danny Lemos Creative, use the Contact page on this website.
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